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In 2020, in collaboration with the SVD and SSpS Vocation Ministries, Sr. Rosalia and I began assisting with the marketing of the weekly “Vocation Chat” broadcast on Facebook. This was a rewarding opportunity as we began to see the impact very quickly as things began. Many women and men have expressed interest in religious life from the weekly “chats” with helpful information on the history of the Arnoldus family and Religious life and all its many facets. Our Facebook engagement went from 22 minutes of average viewership on our platform in January to 1,100 minutes of engagement this November. One thing to note is as we continue to engage people online our viewership increases. It is with this in mind, that the Communications Ministry has began producing our own weekly broadcast on Facebook entitled: “Christ Over Coffee.”

This does not mean that we are discontinuing our collaboration with the SVD Brothers & Priests. As the Vocations Ministries of SVD and SSpS are on break from the online presentation, the idea to continue our efforts to engage our viewers came to mind recently and we began to brainstorm the possibilities of continuing to share the Gospel. Christ Over Coffee is a weekly broadcast that roughly between 10-20 minutes where Sr. Rosalia and I host various SSpS Sisters on the topics of faith, love, hope, and the Missionary service of SSps. This weekly faith sharing we hope will resonate with young people in helping them find their calling. It is a very casual atmosphere, but we need your willing participation for this to be even more meaningful. Much like our Founder and Foundresses, will you move outside of yourself or even possibly your fears in order to help us in this endeavor of love to reach as many hearts as possible? If we help one another with a focus on the “other” as Sr. Margaret Anne has stated, I believe this can be a wonderful experience for all. The need for sharing of the various episodes helps us get the news out in regards to the Gospel as well as SSpS.

We are by no means resting on our laurels, the Communications Ministry as well as the entire SSpS are encouraged to continue sharing the love of God in any way we can. Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and willingness to serve.

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We, Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, are an international religious community of women disciples. Empowered by the Holy Spirit we invite people to a deeper communion with the Triune God by living and proclaiming the Gospel of joy, love, peace, and justice. In dialogue with people of diverse cultures and traditions, we minister together with them in promoting human dignity, life-giving relationships, and care for all of creation. To learn more about the Vocations Ministry and SSpS please click here.